Biggest Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes are a few of the transcendent beauties ever seen on earth. It can be seen in many nations and parts of the world. Yet, there are rare and one-of-a-kind volcanoes that have truly caught the hearts of people not just with the shape and the magnificent structure that their cones have, but its impact in the culture and history of some countries. It can be dangerous once it erupts because it can kill not just the natural surroundings but human life also. Let us get to know the biggest volcanoes in the world and their specific qualities aside from their height and area.



2. Mount Etna


The second biggest volcano is found in Sicily. Its existence was formed in history and it is proven to be the highest active volcano in the whole country of Europe. Its prominence is 3,329 m or equivalent to 10,922 feet while its elevation is also of the same distance, making it a perfect volcano. This is also valuable on the downside or surrounding part of the mountain that supports agriculture, orchards, and vineyards. The name itself came from the word “attuna” that means furnace.



1. Mount Mazama


Despite that it collapsed and had its last eruption 6000 years ago, it still holds the title as the biggest volcano in the world. It has been a part of history. Nonetheless, its elevation is at 2,487 m or 8,159 feet, which is found at Kilamath County, Oregon, USA. Its name was given by a mountain climb in 1896 known as the Mazamas, which means the mountain goat. According to experts, there are less probability that it would erupt again since the last fury that it had that decreased the height, size, and shape of the volcano. The last eruption resulted to Wizard Island found at the center of the Crater Lake. Its original height was 12,000 feet and reduced by more than 3000 feet.


Two of the Richest Americans You Need to Follow

America is the strongest country in the world. Every leader of each nation looks up to it. Nevertheless, have you ever thought who are those people that have contributed to the strength and power that this country possesses? They may not be political leaders but they are the richest Americans listed in the recent Forbes survey in 2011. We will see who they are and what they have done to achieve the greatness of the world.



Top 1: Bill Gates


When it comes to online accessibility in this computer era where everything is being enveloped with the latest of programming and technology through software and other hardware tools, Microsoft leads in that path although competition is stiff. Who is the brain behind this success; it is none other than Bill Gates. He consistently holds the number one ranking among the wealthiest people not just in the United States but even across the globe. In fact, in recent ranking that Forbes released in June of 2011, he still bagged the top spot where he had earned a total of $54 billion net worth.



Top 2: Warren Buffett


If Bill Gates has a net worth of $54 billion, the figures are opposite to what Warren Buffett had earned wherein it was totaled to $45 billion. He is also a business magnate, philanthropist, financier, and investor. A self-made millionaire, he has a heart and mind of progress while helping the community. He also got the third spot as the wealthiest person in the world. In fact, recently, he even encouraged other people who have the same riches as he has to pay raise taxes to wealthy people, which intend to help those people who are part of the struggling line to meet their ends daily. He is the CEO and chair of Berkshire Hathaway, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska, numbered as the eighth largest company in the world in Forbes Global 2000 list.


Two of the Greatest Dancers That I Love

Aside from singing, dancing is one of the activities that relaxes the human body and enhances the mood. There are people who have shown great passion and skills not just to display their talents but also to invite others to follow them and make some moves. However, there are people who are really born with a gift to move their body graciously and to attract others. These people are not just respected but also are highly admired even in this generation of time where various artists and icons are trying to invade the stage.



Top 1: Michael Jackson


He was and is still the favorite of the world. When he finally bid the dancing scene, everyone mourned because he was a big loss for the generations that could also witness the legacy that he left. He is timeless. He is not just a dancer because he also sings, composes music, and actively engages himself in philanthropy. He was a total package of an artist who is an epitome of example, hard work, and diligence. He is known as the King of Pop because of unique moves, which are being mimicked by people of all ages, where nothing really beats his original acts.



Top 2: Chris Brown


Versatility is what he has because of his flexibility in different genre of music, which allows him to be adaptable on whatever dance moves he chose to perform. You could think of the greatest pop dancers in the world. However, the category that made him the second best dancer in the world is his ability not to be limited on one skill but he can do more what other dancers can do. Aside from dancing, he is also a singer, an actor, and a songwriter, which deserved him to be positioned next to the King of Pop. He started young and is still maintaining the fame that he earned when he began his career when he was 16 years old.


Most Awesome Car Racing Gmaes

Speed. That is what everything matters in a game of racing. There are people out there that are looking for the thrill of speed and beating other players by being first in the race. These days, people no longer need to get into real cars in order to feel that breeze rushing into the face and sensing that pride of being the king of the road. Video games have made a way to have the streets as close as it can be. In addition, with the best technology in gaming, developers have created a way to either enjoy racing as something childish and entertaining, or serious and engaging. Let us see which games have won the title of being the best… In three… Two… One… Go!



Top 2: Super Mario Kart


Super Mario has already displayed his wonderful antics in adventure games. We have known him for being big with mushrooms and fighting King Koopa in order to save Princess Toadstool from his evil clutches. However, the battle has not just ended in the four corners of the castle. Super Mario Kart is a game that includes all the Super Mario characters with their own go-karts and some crazy ammunition and power ups to make the race more amusing than it already is.



Top 1: Gran Turismo


Ever since it first came out from PS 1, Gran Turismo is the only racing game that includes “real” driving simulation and elements from obtaining a driver’s license to winning money and getting new cars to ride and customize. Playing this game is not just about pressing the accelerator and speeding up to take the lead. As the physics and technicalities of the game are close to perfect, a player needs to be more than just witty in order to be the king of the streets.


Best PSP Games You Need to Play

Over the years, games on handhelds have grown to be more addicting and more engaging. Some have experienced playing Super Mario on Gameboy and others have seen Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Gear. The fun did not stop there as technology in gaming had made the border between console and handheld games become thinner with better gaming concepts and stories, stunning graphics, amazing soundtracks, and mesmerizing gameplay that makes people get hooked for hours. In PSP, these two games rule when it comes to giving players one heck of a time.



Top 2: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops


Who does not know Metal Snake and his way in espionage in breaking security and getting around the most guarded places? Despite of having this game in handheld, which is supposedly to be way better in the console for PS2 or PS3, Portable Ops really looked more than just fine. This game has attracted players because of the appealing storyline, plus the brain-draining challenges of getting past the guards, tanks, and even bloodhounds. You can just get along with your guns for an easy walkthrough or stretch your abilities in just using an army knife for some fun.



Top 1: God of War: Chains of Olympus


Having this game in the PS2 was already satisfying as it is since the game engine in a handheld device is definitely different. However, Sony was able to work things out, giving that God of War experience in PSP. And if you think that the graphics and gameplay got a bit crappy, well, the game is performing better than expected. In fact, the difference of the two becomes shady after playing God of War: Chains of Olympus for a while. The plot is actually varied from the PS2 version so you can get your hands full with swinging those chained blades and getting that blood out from nasty minions.